Friday, December 21, 2012

All I Want Is One More Chance To Be Young And Wild And Free

~ Lomography CN 400 film, La Sardina Quadrat 

Hello there, faithful readers! The last time this blog was updated was all the way back in August, and of course I would be bringing it back at 1:30 AM while listening to Two Door Cinema Club (and trying not to fall asleep... ETA: 1:30 AM! Just like my blog name! Hahahaha... ha... zzz.). Here are some relatively old film photos I took with my La Sardina - because I did promise I'd show you all. Haven't forgotten. Here's hoping I'll post again soon and that you lovely people are well! x

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Just Want You To Let You Let Me Hold You

Hooray for a bonus post! In which I finally reveal the source of inspiration for my name, and, subsequently, the tone and mood that describes my blog.

To say that Vienna Teng is my hero(ine) is... well... an understatement. She's the most brilliant woman, pianist, singer, and songwriter on the planet. She never writes the same song twice. The more I try to jabber on about her, the more I feel that I'm doing Vienna severe injustice because I cannot truly describe how amazing she is. She just blows my mind. I could go on for pages about her but... I'm feeling strangely wordless at the moment. (How is that for an anticlimax.)

Might as well save it for another time, then...
Enjoy the song!

All My Maps Will Only Show Me How To Lose My Way

I have so many pictures of these adorable bunnies that picking just a few was hard! Do you want to see more, though? Because you should see more, especially of their paws and their little furry bodies and when they're chewing up leaves for no apparent reason...

I'm not a fan of bunnies, honestly. But these were too cute to pass up.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

And We Had Shining Eyes, Just Like The Forest Lights

I shall never grow up / make belief is much too fun

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Ghosts In The Attic, They Never Quite Leave

I've been away for the past few days, down south and even further to visit a neighbouring country, and the amount of pictures I have... whew. I've got SLR shots, lofi iTouch pictures, and film photos (which have yet to be developed). I'll try not to spam, but I want to give this particular trip a few posts at least and not cram everything into one.

It's been wonderful, even though I'm dead beat now (and this is after some nine hours of sleep! Perhaps I really am a ruddy homebody. Pardon the language). There were times to reflect, and think, and write, and other times to walk my feet off... which I surprisingly minded less than was expected. But giving time to an introvert is so dangerous, isn't it? They'll start thinking and reasoning and frowning and musing about life.

To say the least, I've come to terms with some things, and I've found some more things that I need to come to terms with. No hurry though - after all, as long as I live I flourish. I don't need to force what can come naturally. In fact, if anything, there's no need to think about it at all.

Just live. Just live.