Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Just Want You To Let You Let Me Hold You

Hooray for a bonus post! In which I finally reveal the source of inspiration for my name, and, subsequently, the tone and mood that describes my blog.

To say that Vienna Teng is my hero(ine) is... well... an understatement. She's the most brilliant woman, pianist, singer, and songwriter on the planet. She never writes the same song twice. The more I try to jabber on about her, the more I feel that I'm doing Vienna severe injustice because I cannot truly describe how amazing she is. She just blows my mind. I could go on for pages about her but... I'm feeling strangely wordless at the moment. (How is that for an anticlimax.)

Might as well save it for another time, then...
Enjoy the song!


  1. VIENNA TANG <3 <3 <3!! Girl, you have no clue how much I adore her! She truly is brilliant, and ahhh I knew your blog name sounded familiar!!
    Hahah, it's okay for the anticlimactic ending - I would be at a loss for words to describe her accurately as well. Her voice is just...serene and soulful. <3
    Do you listen to Priscilla Ahn, by any chance?

    ♥ x i x i a |

  2. I love these pictures! I've never listened to Vienna Teng. I'll have to give her a try. ;) Oh by the way, I posted my review for "The Bell Jar" at my blog like you requested. I hope it helps! ^_^

  3. Also, I gave you an award at my blog. ;)


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