Monday, June 18, 2012

Come On, Come Out


All photos and added words by ( x ), who posted one for every single day of last year. I can only say that he truly lives up to his manifestos. As a person who enjoys both photography and design, I'm just... in awe. There is hope for me yet. (See more beauties under the cut if you're going through a hard time or not having the greatest of days. His photos are worth clicking a jumpcut for.)



A spot in the shade
Where oranges fall
A spot in the shade
Away from it all

Watching the sky
Watching a painting coming to life
Shaping and shifting
Staying inside
It all goes it all goes by

A blanket unfolds
A blanket tonight
The pieces of gold
They light up your eyes
Now we're alone
Now we're alive

Come On, Come Out // A Fine Frenzy

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