Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are There No Shadows Where You Are

Someone confided in me something very special just a few days ago, something he had not told anyone else. It was an honour, an honour of the highest order to share in a person's secret; a secret that was held and cocooned in warm grasping hands that though glad for the gift were more than willing to keep it safe and sound, quiet and unknown.

I was able to share in it, to be a younger sister that he never had, to call him the older brother I never had. For once in my life I felt younger in years and maturity than I had ever really been.


I wonder of the scent that will linger on skin, the smile and the laugh and the light that will be caught in eyes, illuminating dark pupils for a moment so irises glow.

I sit here with my exam notes, supposed to be studying, and wonder.

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  1. Whoa that is deep! Sounds like something I'd like to think about, but never can put into words for. Your writing is so eloquent!




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